Schaapherder Andries met zijn hondenFoundation EERSTE COMPAGNIE van het VERLOREN SCHAAP supports a remarkable plan that started out with a request to the Ministry of Defence to keep and take care of sheep on the military training ground, the Oirschotse moor.

At the beginning of 2018 the army command decided to grant his request. The main reason this request was granted, was Andries Kaptijn himself. As a soldier he worked on the moor for several years. After several assignments in Afghanistan it all went wrong.

Andries came home with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After a long process, his ‘condition’ proved to be irreversible. He was declared military invalid and unfit to continue working as a soldier.

Determined to be of value again for himself, his former employer and society, he submitted his plan. Thanks to the notion of the Ministry of Defence for this exceptional wish, Andries can and will keep sheeps at the place he feels safe and comfortable.

Goals of the foundation are:

  • enabling a daytime activity on the moor with sheep for Andries.
  • enable sufficient guidance for the daytime activities.
  • to contribute to the improvement of the moor and the quality of the training grounds.
  • to contribute more biodiversity on the moor.
  • contribute to maintaining the purebred species of the Herdwick sheep.

The board consists of:

Angelique Kok, chairman

Nancy Walravens, secretary

Raoul Perez Andujar, treasurer